I provide walks that will be safe as well as being a fun and playful time for your dog. I will ensure they get a good exercise session. I’m fully insured and the safety and wellbeing of your dog is paramount. Different times of the year bring up different problems for dogs – grass seeds in Summer and mud in the Winter as well as unsavory things they may wish to eat! Dogs will always be dried off at the end of their walk if required. If you have pets with long hair then relevant protection is recommended.

Often your dog will be walked with others enabling them to make new friends and explore in the safety of a group. This way there are no hierachy issues.

Alternatively if you prefer or if you dog isn’t very social with other dogs they can be walked on their own.


All small animal owners have a responsibility to meet their animals’ welfare needs, which includes providing a suitable diet, environment, companionship and ensuring they are kept healthy and are able to perform normal behaviours. If you’re thinking about having small animals, learn as much as you can about how to care for them beforehand. You should take your lifestyle and household into account, as well as their likely lifespan when deciding whether you can offer them a good home. My small animal service provides additional care for your loved small pet … please call for additional information.

“I offer a dog walking service as well as looking after your dogs whilst you are away on a short break or on holiday. Your pet is my priority and will be treated as if they were my own; loving care taken at all times.”
Wendy Brockes