WENDY BROCKES – who I am and what I do

I’ve always loved dogs ever since I can remember. I was brought up in the countryside so grew to love the outdoors and as children we always wanted a dog but started off with rabbits until our persistence paid off and my parents thought we were ready for us to have that longed for first dog! After that a dog was always a part of the family and from a young age this taught me how to care for them and learn about their wellbeing. As an adult I trained to become a Personal Trainer and have always loved training and being outdoors so becoming a dog walker and setting up Happy Tails was an obvious choice for me to combine my love for exercise and dogs!

I understand that a lot of people don’t have a fixed schedule due to their line of work so I offer a flexible, tailor made, service to suit all of your pets’ needs.

I don’t have set walking times so will walk your dog at times that suit you; whether that be with others in a group or just with me. If you have a dog that isn’t very keen on other dogs or is a little nervous then a 121 walk would be the right option for you. I’m insured for only 4 dogs at any one time so you can rest assured that they will always have my best attention at all times which I believe is important as they need to interaction as well as the physical and mental exercise whilst out on our walks.

When on holiday or perhaps just away for a weekend break of an overnight stay then I can provide a sitting service whereby I stay at your home ensuring that your pets have a stress free time whilst you are away. Some pets can suffer from separation anxiety so this is a good way to ensure that as much as possible stays normal for them. Their routine isn’t disrupted and they are kept in their familiar surroundings resulting in a much happier pet on your return. I will also ensure that your house is looked after during this time.

Other services I provide are feeding – in addition to a walk or just a visit for either your dog or your smaller furry pets such as cats and rabbits. This can include any medication required where necessary.

Pet taxi – to help you with those trips to the groomers, the vets or anywhere you might need to go and don’t have the means to get there. Your pets will travel safely in my van which is fitted with a bespoke cage divided into several different sizes to accommodate all sizes of dog individually or enough room for those that like to travel in with their buddy! Each one comes with lots of bedding, blankets, etc as well as toys to keep them amused on the journey and I always carry water and some treats.

Fitness Unleashed – a fun new class for you and your dog.

Please see the Fitness Unleashed page for more details.