I often find myself saying, “I don’t know how we coped without Wendy”! Having such a brilliant dog walker has transformed our lives.

There are so many good points about having her help. Firstly, I have one very happy dog! But here’s a little list of why she works so well for us.

Wendy is flexible. This is extremely important for me as my hours of work vary enormously from one week to the next. I send her an email at the weekend with what I need for the following week &, with the occasional juggle here & there, she never fails to accommodate. There have also been times when I’ve had to ring in a panic & ask for a last minute walk/visit/feed which she’s always been happy to do.

She’s 100% reliable. There has never been a date that she’s forgotten about or been late for.

Wendy communicates well. For instance, she always sends me a little text to let me know how that day’s walks were & how my dog behaved. Very reassuring.

She’s happy to not only walk my dog but will feed her, give her medicine, play with her, discipline her & offers a ‘drop in & cuddle for half an hour’ service as well as the full walk – just to break up her day if I’m out for ages.

She’s prepared to either walk my dog on her own or with just one or two others that my dog knows – so you know that she’ll be really focusing on your mutt, not charging round after a full pack.

Wendy LOVES dogs & they LOVE her!

I really can’t recommend Wendy highly enough. My working life would be impossible without her & as I said at the beginning of this love in – I don’t know how we coped without her!

Catherine Russell