We finally got the puppy we’d wanted for so long but the reality of how we were going to have to juggle work, our child, lives and Henry (our French bulldog baby) suddenly hit us. Even though we thought we’d planned everything, and knew we would be on the look out for an occasional dog walker, Henry was a new member of our family and finding that person was so important.

I suppose the only thing I wanted to know was; would the person we chose love and care about Henry as we do… No reservations though 🙂

Since finding Wendy its like a weight has been lifted! I absolutely cannot imagine life with Henry and without Wendy. Not only does Henry absolutely adore her – this is abundantly clear whenever he sets eyes on her and he can’t contain his wiggly bum and excitement – I know 100% that Wendy will treat Henry as her own. It’s a big step to give someone the keys to your home and have them spend so much time with your fur baby; but Wendy has made it so so easy for us.

The one best result I have got from working with Wendy is Henry’s true happiness. He just adores his time with her; it’s so clear she loves what she does and the Dogs love her in return!

Francesca Farnesi