• Do you walk dogs at set times of the day?
    No I work on a flexible/request basis and walk them at the convenience of the owners
  • Do you work at the weekends?
    I work Saturdays and Sunday’s are by request
  • Do you feed rabbits?
    Yes all small pets but no reptiles
  • Do you walk on a 121 basis?
    Yes if requested
  • Do you look after pets at your home?
    Not currently but what works really well is living at the clients house while they are away so the pets are kept stress free in their familiar surroundings. So the client gets a house sitter and pet sitter in one!
  • Do you offer a grooming service?
    No but can recommend Gow Gow who are brilliant – I can’t recommend them highly enough!
  • Where do you walk the dogs?
    Streatham common, Tooting common, Brockwell Park, Battersea Park amongst others. I believe in giving the dogs variety and keep it interesting for them.
  • Do you walk them from home or do you have transport?
    I have a van with specifically designed cages inside so that they travel safely and comfortably. All cages are equipped with bedding and toys and I always carry water, treats and towels for those that like to get a bit muddy!
  • Do you offer training?
    No but all basic commands are practiced during our walks